Friday, July 25, 2014

MidiGurdy - The Electronic Hurdy Gurdy

Have you ever sat at home late at night, wanting to play your hurdy gurdy but didn't dare because it would wake the neighbours? Went somewhere without your gurdy, beause it wouldn't fit in your luggage? Would you love to try various gurdy sounds without having to buy three our four different instruments?

Published on Jul 22, 2014

The MidiGurdy is a fully electronic hurdy gurdy without acoustic sound production. It currently acts as a MIDI controller for a SoundFont synthesizer running on an iPad. Built-in sound production is in the works.

The MidiGurdy was designed to enable players to practice without disturbing neighbours, colleagues and family members. Want to try a new trompette technique late at night? Practice using the MidiGurdy, then use your new skill on your real gurdy!

Or if you are into experimental sounds... use the MidiGurdy on stage. Attach different synths, use your gurdy playing skills to trigger new kinds of sounds.

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