Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Katsuhiko Makino - hurdy gurdy with midi keyboard controller

"The way that placing midi keyboard on hurdygurdy is capable for the Hungarian one. Because it has a enough space on the cover of keybox. The French style one can't do like the Hungarian one."

via Katsuhiko Makino - On 11th, we [had] a LIVE at the Délirium café. The day is for Lambic session. We play medieval & renessence music and folk music of Belguim. Today is a rehearsal for it, and also for the progressive live on March using synthesizers with hurdygurdies. My Hungarian hurdygurdy has a midi keyboard controler, so I can play both instruments at once like the Lira organizzata so to speak "organ-hurdygurdy". It is conected with the micro KORG synthesizer. 

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