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15 MARCH; RIJSWIJK, NL: Orfeo @ Gothic & Fantasy Beurs

Orfeo gig, via Lies Sommer - Want to hear new tunes from the new album (to be released in the spring of 2014)..? Please join us on the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs in Rijswijk!We will tread you on a dance instruction and afterwards a set of pure Orfeo balfolk music!

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- Koop 3 entreekaartjes (volwassenen) online voor slechts € 20,- (in plaats van € 30,-).
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-- Orfeo is a dutch balfolk band. The five multi-instrumentalists come from different backgrounds like classical music, metal, medieval music and jazz.

The members of Orfeo came to the Folkwoods festival in 2002 and dreamed to be in such a cool folkband themselves and to play on stage on such a cool festival. They started learning balfolk dances and left their classical/ rock/ metal/ medieval/ irish comfort zone and started playing traditional balfolk music. After a while they started composing their own tunes and in 2009 they were invited to play at Folkwoods themselves. More happy faces could not be imagined!

The begin of 2010 brought their first album: Inferno. It contains 11 songs, such as the Elf Fantasy Waltz, Highway to Noordeloos and off course: Inferno. Several balls and stages have met Orfeo, also festivals such as Elf Fantasy Fair, Folkwoods, Summer Darkness, Castlefest and the Midvinterfestival in Denmark.

The five multi-instrumentalists of Orfeo come from totally different backgrounds like medieval music, classical music, metal, rock and jazz and these influences are all prominent in the music they make today. This is also reflected in their choice of instruments: harp, hurdy-gurdies, flutes, electric guitar, 12-stringed guitar, theremin, bass clarinet, bass guitar, drums and percussion. Their music is typically suitable for balfolkdancing, however, also the non moving audience will be served!

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